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Sunday, March 9, 2014

We have officially arrived in Ireland! Our first day was spent in the quaint little city of Kilkenny. I spent most of the day walking around and exploring the area. The culture here is great. This area has a very laid back feel; the streets are filled with people walking their dogs and parents spending quality time with their children. I was amazed when we walked past a park today because it was packed with so many parents and kids playing together. While exploring we were able to visit multiple churches including Saint Francis Abbey, St. Mary's Cathedral, and Saint Canices Cathedral. We also took a group tour of the Kilkenny Castle. Kilkenny Castle is rich with history relating back to the first decade of the thirteenth century when it was built for William Marshal, fourth Earl of Pembroke. Kilkenny Castle later became the Irish residence of the Butler family for almost six hundred years. After being left empty to decay for thirty years, the Irish State decided to restore the now once again beautiful castle. We wrapped up our long day of traveling and exploring with a great group dinner at our hotel. I enjoyed an appetizer of bruschetta, entrée of cod, and a piece of coffee cheese cake for dessert. I am looking forward to heading off to Dublin tomorrow!

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Kilkenny Castle