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Monday, March 10, 2014

It's day two and the weather is sunny and beautiful! We had a brief meeting about a very innovative non-profit called Connect Ireland this morning. Connect Ireland is an IDA-backed government program that focuses on recruiting businesses to come to Ireland. The "Connectors" explain the benefits of bringing your business to Ireland. Two large benefits that they focus on are Ireland's skilled workforce and sensible tax system. The program has seen great success from recruitment in the Dublin Airport as well as through certified chauffeurs. Visiting the Crafts Council of Ireland was next on our agenda today. The Crafts Council is housed in a beautiful stone building that was previously used as horse stables for Kilkenny Castle. Individual artists are also able to rent sections of the stables from the castle. There's even an adorable cafe on the second floor of the building where I got one of the best macchiatos I've ever had. After exploring the city a bit more and grabbing some lunch at a local pub, we headed off to our meeting with Intel. Sarah Saxon gave us a whole overview of Intel. I was amazed at how many details she knew about the company and their products. One new thing that I learned is Moore's law, a law created by one of the three men who founded Intel. This law states that every two years the power of the microchip should be doubled and the cost should be decreased by half. Another thing that I found interesting was a quote that Ms. Saxton shared with us. "If the automobile industry had advanced as rapidly as the semiconductor industry we'd all be driving a Rolls Royce, it would do half a million miles to the gallon, and it would be cheaper to throw it away and buy a new one than to park." - Craig Berret

Now, I'm excited to spend the rest of the evening exploring Dublin for the first time. I already have a whole list of places that I want to go to!

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