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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today was definitely my favorite day so far! We were fortunate enough to be able to visit four very interesting businesses: the Gaelic Athletic league, Setanta Sports, Jameson Distillery, and Guinness. Visiting the GAA was an exciting way to start our day. We were able to learn about how the league was created, the popular sports of Ireland, and behind the scenes information about their stadium and how it operates. I really enjoyed learning more about Irish sports and would love to go to a Gaelic football or hurling game! It is crazy to think that those two sports have been around for 600 and 2000 years (respectively.) I was also surprised to learn that the athletes of the GAA are not paid. After the GAA, we were also able to get an inside look at Setanta Sports, a broadcasting company that provides networks all over the world.

Next, we were off to Jameson and then Guinness. It was very interesting learn about the history of both companies as well as to see how products at both of the companies are made. I also enjoyed going to the top of the Guinness building to see an amazing view of the city!

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