Blogs: Brittany Gill

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I can't believe that tomorrow is our last day in Ireland already! I love it here so much that I would actually really consider moving here. There are so many amazing opportunities here. Today we visited three different businesses. First, we went to the Irish Development Association. The IDA attracts large businesses to come here to Ireland and assists them in their expansion. Next, we went to Oracle, a tech company. They had a well planned out and interactive presentation and question and answer activity for us. The last company that we visited today was Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is similar to the IDA except for that they focus on attracting small businesses versus large ones. I learned about a very intriguing college opportunity during the presentation. Enterprise Ireland has an opportunity for students to work for them for six months in their Ireland office then one to two years in one of their international office all while getting working towards your graduate degree. I also got to visit Trinity College and the beach today! Now we're off to an Irish House Party Dinner. Today has been such an exciting day!