Blogs: Brittany Gill

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today was a great relaxing day filled with wine tasting, shopping, and cooking. This morning we visited a winery that is part of the Chianti consortium located in the beautiful country side of Tuscany. It was very interesting learning about their production process. Seventy percent of their grapes are still picked by hands and all of the grapes sit for less than an hour before they enter the production process. I also loved that they keep their wine as organic as possible. We had a great time touring the winery and of course sampling and learning about wine etiquette afterward. After the winery we headed back into town to shop and eat lunch for the remainder of the afternoon. In the evening, we visited a cooking school. There we were able to make our own homemade pasta, meats, and chocolate lava cake. I was happy because I was able to try something new, wild boar. Surprisingly, I actually really liked it. After enjoying our meal, we traveled to Reggio Emilia to spend the night.