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Monday, March 10, 2014

Day two in Ireland started off bright and early. We had a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then met with a representative from Connect Ireland, an organization whose goal is to support Ireland’s economic recovery and bring as many jobs to the country as possible. From there, we visited the Kilkenny Design Workshop, which was an eclectic mix of shops that ranged from goldsmiths to pottery. From there, we were able to walk through the city for one last time. I grabbed lunch at a sandwich shop and took in as much as the city as I could before we boarded the bus to leave Kilkenny.

The bus ride out of Kilkenny was somewhat long but very scenic. I saw firsthand the rolling hills of vibrant greens that have always been synonymous to Ireland’s countryside. The ride was both enjoyable and high-energy as Mark played a hilarious mix of rap music and Irish drinking songs, with a bit of The Spice Girls mixed in. After about a 90 minute ride, we arrived at Intel.

The presentation at Intel was informative yet completely mindboggling. Their technology is at a level that I never knew was possible in that they develop processor chips with a billion transistors per chip. Each transistor is 22 nanometers. To put that in perspective, each transistor is 4,000 times thinner than a human hair and approximately 1/5 the size of the influenza virus. To them, this is only the beginning. They hope to continue to execute what they call “Moore’s Law,” which is to enable new devices with more function and complexity while controlling power, cost, and size. Intel says that computers are only at the Model T stage, so essentially the technology is only at the beginning.

From Intel we drove about 40 minutes into Dublin. The city is fast-paced and very scenic. Mark pointed out different attractions like the Guinness Brewery and the Spire of Dublin, two places I hope to visit in the coming days. We grabbed dinner at The Market Bar and stopped by Temple Bar. Temple Bar is more of a tourist attraction rather than a full Irish experience, but it was still enjoyable. I’m very much looking forward to what Dublin has to offer in the next few days.

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