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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today, we took a chilly yet enjoyable walk to the Irish Dairy Board and learned about the milk production and distribution in the company. It was fascinating to learn about the Dairy Industry and how far their market reach was. Unfortunately I was unaware they sold their products in the United States. I plan to make an extra effort to purchase their goods once I am home.

For lunch we stopped at the industrial park for a quick bite. After which we went to visit a couple more companies who gives advice on starting our own businesses, whether in the United States or Ireland.

Despite how busy we were today, it was very enjoyable to be able to walk around the city in the evening and appreciate the beautiful architecture and scenery of the city of Dublin. We had a chance today to shop for some souvenirs for friends and family and have dinner on our own. A few of us decided to walk around an area we haven't visited yet. We found a quaint little restaurant and enjoyed some delicious tapas for dinner.

It was it an early night for the group tonight because we are set to board a plane in the morning and fly off to Florence. We are all very excited to visit a new country and experience all that Italy has to offer.

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