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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our first visit today was to the Gaelic Athletic Association and Croke Park. The GAA is an organization of amateur sports in Ireland and different parts of the globe. The sports include hurling, camogie, Galeic football, handball, and rounder. These games take place in Croke Park, a conference and event facility. This stadium holds 82,300 people and has an average attendance of 1.5 million annual attendance. Croke Park will also be hosting the August 30th game of Penn State vs. UCF. WE ARE!!!

While it is mainly an amateur playing ground; it is as beautiful as a professional stadium. The field design has a slight bulge of about one foot so that if you are sitting it the top seats it appears flat and reduces vertigo. In the players lounge there is a beautiful chandelier that had 32 large green balls to represent each county in Ireland. And then suspended around it were 70 little ones to represent each minute of the game. The color of the balls changes to the winning teams colors.

Our next destination was Jameson Whiskey. We learned the process of their product and what makes it unique. Their whiskey is distiller three times and stored in oak barrels to give it a distinct taste. Their whiskey must sit a minimum of three years before being packaged for retail. Jameson is not allowed to be shipped to buyers from homes. I remember learning in supply chain that when dealing with international logistics it is beneficial to hire a customs house broker to deal with the specific international shipping.

I have picked up more cultural differences. In Ireland, you are expected to be on time to meetings and gatherings. Unlike the United States, it is considered rude to be 10-15 minutes early for an interview. They believe you're wasting your time if you are early and theirs if you are late. Students studying at University in Ireland also have differing habits compared to students in the United States. Students plan their schedules to have no or few classes on Friday and take the train home on weekends. It's very unusual to have a large amount of students on campus Friday-Sunday. Until tomorrow.

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