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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our first visit was to the IDA Ireland. Their goal is to attract foreign direct investment and create valuable and sustainable employment. Their goals are closely aligned with Connect Ireland. IDA Ireland focuses on big companies while Ireland Enterprise focuses on smaller companies. Enterprise Ireland is trying to encourage female entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship. Enterprise Ireland is also focusing on expanding exports.

Ireland has a highly skilled workforce because of the quality of their education and it is virtually free compared to tuition in the states. A bachelors degree for an Irish student is about 10,000 Euros. Also, many opportunities exist within companies to work and live abroad. The experience gained through this cultural shift is such a benefit to advance your career and knowledge.

I also had the opportunity to visit the historical Trinity College and the book of Kells. The library was so incredible. The shelves were full from top to bottom with books of all kinds. There is about 200,000 books in this library and more in storage areas outside the college. After our business visits we were surprised with a visit to the beach! The water was freezing but I when will I ever get to put my feet in off the coast of Ireland wearing business professional clothing? We had a deliciousness meal at an authentic Irish restaurant followed by in house entertainment. The performers sang classic Irish music and one girl performed Classic Irish dances. They played the song featured in the Titanic when Jack and Rose beneath the deck. Sadly, tomorrow is our last day in Ireland.

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