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Thursday, March 13, 2014

We walked to our first destination in the chilly morning weather of Dublin. I can’t believe in our entire time here it hasn’t rained a single drop! Our first visit was to the Irish Dairy Board. They had scones and their Kerry-Gold butter waiting for us. I need to find Kerry-Gold butter in the states. The Irish Dairy Board is responsible for 4% of the EU milk supply and 2% of the global milk supply. 17,000 farmers and 13 processors comprise the Irish Dairy Board. Recently, they have an opportunity for rapid growth. Previous, EU Agricultural Policy placed a cap on production for 30 years but it was just removed. In preparing for the post quota era they have indentified marketing expansion into the US, Germany, Mainland Europe and the UK. Additionally, in 2013 they invested 36 million Euros into brand development.

We also visited IDA Ireland. A huge focus area for this firm is sustainability in the environment, social, and economic. There is a new demand for sustainability. In a survey conducted it was shown, a mass majority of people would pay more for sustainable products. Sustainability is in all aspects of business in Ireland (supply chain, marketing, etc). A very interesting visit was to University College Dublin. Their work with entrepreneurship and providing the tools to be successful was a similar model to our own Sheetz Center. Ireland is a beautiful place and I will miss it. An early wake up call tomorrow for Florence!