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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today, we visited the Chianti consortium. The vineyards were located in beautiful Tuscany. We toured the winery and learned about the process to create it. Their wine cellar contained bottles that were bottled before World War II. The fresh air and sun in the rolling hills of Tuscany was so calming. When we left the winery we had some free time in the city. We walked through the markets and I enjoyed watching people bargain for their items. I also witnessed an organized protest in the streets against "fascism repression" or Russia's presence in the Ukraine. Most of the protestors were young, I would guess in their 20s.

We ended our evening with a cooking class. We made an appetizer of homemade pasta with wild boar meat (I was too afraid to try the boar meat). The main course was a beef filet and mushrooms. For dessert, we made molten lava cake with strawberry sauce. Loretta, Jenny, and I were behind the sauce and we nailed it. After a two hour bus ride, we arrived at Reggio Emilia hotel. Tomorrow is the cheese factory and then traveling to our final destination of Milan.

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