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Monday, March 17, 2014

This morning we walked to our site visits to get a feel for the city. Our first visit was to Sergio Tacchini. Sergio Tacchini was created in 1966 with the motto of “winning in a beautiful way.” Their clothing line is sporting clothes with a focus on tennis. The advertising of this brand started small, sold to athlete friends to promote the brand. Their brand grew when John McEnroe wore their clothing and today advertising is through sponsorship of players and federations. Their business model is that the clothes are designed in Italy but sourced around the world. Currently they are trying to capitalize on American demand and found the easiest way to do so was through their website instead of stores in the United States.

Our second visit of the day, and last of the trip, was to Advanced Capital. Advance Capital is a private equity firm that works to start-up companies, mature companies, and restructuring companies. Ultimately, they back entrepreneurs. Advanced Capital was rated #2 for world’s best performing Private Equity Fund of Fund Managers. For our last night in Milan, we walked to a small restaurant down the street from our hotel. This was the first time we needed to break out the translator book! Our waiter spoke little English but it was fun to try and break through the language barrier. Back home tomorrow!