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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Giglio Cooking school in Florence taught us how to cook Tuscan style cuisine. We hand made fresh egg pasta, Pasta all'Uovo. The flour we used is called "semolina." The pasta was used to prepare a dish named pappardelle al Suego di Cinghiable or Pappardelle with wild boar. The wild boar simmered in chianti, garlic, rosemary and bay leaves and was tossed in a olive oil tomato sauce.

Next we prepared Filetto di Manzo al funghi Porcini or Beef filet with porcini mushrooms.

For desert we prepared Dolce Morbido al Cioccolato or chocolate molten cake with freshly made strawberry sauce. We first shaved chocolate bars and combined the shavings with butter. We then melted the ingredients in a double broiler. Next we wipped egg whites and folded them in with the melted chocolate and butter, spooned the mixter into their dishes and chilled the mixture. The strawberry sauce was prepared by crushing whole strawberries with sugar in a skillet untill it was like jam. The "jam" mixture was then pureed and chilled.

American citizens may be in Italy up to 90 days before they require a Visa. Giglio Cooking School teaches progressive classes over a 12 week period for € 3, 000. I promise I will return to Florence with in five years to attend Gilioc Cooking School. We will find a host family to live with so my son will use his knowledge of the Spanish language to learn Italian while I learn the Tuscan style of cooking. Ciao.