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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sergio Tacchini is a fashion sports brand headquartered in Milano. They specialize in tennis wear. John McEnroe wore Sergio Tacchini when he was in his prime and was the driving force in establishing the brand. The Italians loved his "Bad boy" attitude.

Sergio Tacchini is beginning the process to launch their brand in NYC with in the next few years. They currently create their uniforms for the Australian, U.S, Paris, Monte Carlo, and Wimbledon matches. Every match has a different theme. Australia is classic and darker colors, Paris is focused on bright colors, Wimbledon is classic white with thin green details, Monte Carlo has a tropical resort vacation feel and U.S. is technology focused using new age materials with colors of white, black, gray and small accents of orange.

Sergio Tacchini explained the importance of licensing as well as making sure the brand is not diluted. They partner very strategically with their buyers and insure their distribution channel has very "friendly" close relationships.

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