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Sunday, March 9, 2014

We arrived in Dublin, Ireland around 9:30 and traveled to Kilkenny with a brief stop at a place called Avoca. It was quite interesting to see because they had clothing, a market with fresh food and a coffee shop. We then arrived at our hotel and visited the castle that belonged to the Butler family. It had been refurbished but everything was based on the original features of the castle. We were then allowed to have the day to explore the city. There were not many people, and stores were closed since it was Sunday, but it was still quite enjoyable. As a group, we had dinner at the hotel and got to experience some delicious Irish food. We picked up a few words that the Irish like to use, such as, "cheers, lovely, gorgeous." Yes, we have these words as well, but they use them in a different context. They also call the restrooms, "the Lou, the jacks, or toilets."