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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I was tired today, kind of slept walked through the day, I have notes I can review later to remind myself of the valuable lessons learned. We visited a couple of businesses and a government agency. One of the businesses we visited was Oracle. We had a chance to talk with several members of the sales staff. We learned how you can use entrepreneurship methods to apply to owning the sales process. We learned from the agency that their mission was to assist Irish companies in build relationships with the diverse foreign investors to build local supply and service solutions for the multinational companies.

We took a trip of opportunity during our lunch break and visited Trinity College in Dublin, while there many of the group were able to view the Book of Kells – a middle-ages hand copied text of the Gospels from the new testament of the Bible. This manuscript is dated to between 8th and 9th centuries. A second side trip was inserted later in the day to visit the Irish Sea Coast. Where the group, in full and proper business attire, left the bus and walked on the sandy beach and some dared to brave the water at least to their ankles.

The last item on today’s agenda was a visit to a near-by hotel for a nice dinner followed by a band performing Irish music. The group is named Irish House Party and they are active on both Twitter and Facebook. I took few pictures today as we spent most of the day learning via powerpoint presentations. I grabbed a couple videos of the performances this evening. I will watch them later. I hope that not too many Texans were moving around in front of me as we shared the theater with a bus from western Texas. At least one of the members of that group was from a town, San Angelo, which I was stationed in while in the army.

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