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Blogs: Richard Weber

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another day started with a breakfast in the hotel, followed by a brisk walk to the first appointment at the Irish Dairy Board. The Irish dairy board is responsible for all exports of Irish processed dairy to worldwide market place. Kerrygold is a forty plus year-old brand name used to market Irish dairy around the world. Irish farmers use traditional grass feeding for their herds vice the grain and protein based feeds used in other areas. The beta carotene in the grass translates into the golden color of the butter. After finishing our tea and scones we moved to our second appointment.

Our second visit was with Siemens, the Irish subsidiary of the global engineering firm by the same name. We learned how the Irish company was being entrepreneurial by not just being yes men for their corporate leadership. We learned about their wind energy efforts and the way they stay ahead of their competitors. After Siemens we went to ResMed.

ResMed is a medical equipment company which bought a small startup that was hosted in an incubator that is run as an extension of collegiate research at University Central Dublin. We gain a lot of insight from the entrepreneur who was able to sell his startup and get a position within the purchasing organization.

Nova/UCD is the incubator used to help the commercialization of college research which starts local employment and brings funds to the university for continue research. The program is ten years old and based on the similar model at Cambridge in England.