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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today was started with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a ride on the city’s transit system. We took the subway most the way across town the changed to an above ground metro bus/trolley system which delivered us with in a brief walk of our first visit.

The visit was to a small Italian firm the create clothing for the tennis professional and club players. In more recent years the firm has begun delivery high class elegant sportswear for the European Market and general tennis community. We were introduced to the three designers and two project managers at the company. They Source their items from an array of suppliers worldwide, yet through brand management and licensing have maintained strict control over who makes and distribute their clothing. Following this visit is was time for a mid-day break as our next appointment was not until 3 pm.

We were released in the center of town near the cathedral and told to meat by the tree at the back of the cathedral at 2:45. Everyone broke into smaller groups and traveled about the city visiting shops and finding lunch as they wanted. I walked around and looked at some of the designer clothes and purses but could not find anything I thought my wife would enjoy. We met up and headed out to the next appointment.

This final appointment of the trip was at Advanced Capital we met with the founder and his executive team. The founder is an Italian American he lived for most of his formative years in the States, grade school through grad school. This visit was very informational as he shared his story and plan for the future as well as his vision and values. This may have been one of the most educational visits as it relates to a business education and understanding the mind set of an Entrepreneur. After about two hours, we concluded our meeting and we left to resume our in town visit before returning to hotel to pack and prepare for our 5 a.m. departure to the airport. We are looking forward to returning home to the states and being surrounded by the familiar things we have missed for the last 10 days.

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