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Entrepreneur in Residence Program


About Mr. Richards, "Keeping in touch with your networks, and using them to their full extent. Don't be a stranger and always ask, because you don't know what doors might be opened for you."

About Mr. DelGrosso, "When working within a business, you need to constantly keep up with current trends, keeping tabs on your competitors, and always be willing to adjust to keep your business efficient."

"When asked 'What tips do you have for starting a business,' Mr. Sheetz said he strongly suggests the 10,000 hour rule, that you have passion, ask questions and get mentors."

"Mr. Stern is a very knowledgeable man. A huge thing I will take away from this is to grow every day. Always do the most you can each day to improve yourself."

"I really liked Mr. Gardner, the major thing I took away was to not sell a goal to meet with how many units you can build. Be unique and special so customers or franchise buyers will come. Also, have a lot of confidence."

About Dr. Fye, "I learned that knowing what you want shapes the goals to aspire to accomplish. When you start into the workforce it's important to establish yourself and work hard; show up early, stay late; don't be the guy who clocks in at 9:01 and leaves at 4:59."

What is the EIR Program?

This program provides students with opportunities to expand their network and get immediate feedback on their ventures or entrepreneurial career goals and aspirations.

A different highly accomplished entrepreneur comes to campus once a month during the academic year. The visiting entrepreneurs come from diverse fields and are chosen based on their success starting and managing successful enterprises.

Advance on-line registration is required. Registration opens two weeks before the EIR arrives on campus. A student must sign up in advance via this Web site for a 20-minute appointment with the EIR.

Students are expected to prepare and submit questions in advance to Donna Bon, Executive Director of the Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence at, based on their ideas, opinions, and strategies for potential or actual business ventures. Students are encouraged to choose to meet with entrepreneurs who are active in fields that capture the student's interest.


Click on the entrepreneur's name to read a bio.

Kristina Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer, NOVA6
Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 10:00 a.m. - 2:05 p.m.
Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Room 107


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