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Possible Ethics Courses

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BA 242
Social and Ethical Environment of Business (2) Explores the social and ethical environment of business and ethical decision making in a business context.

Ethics in Criminal Justice (3) Ethical behavior in the criminal justice system.

PHIL 001 (GH)
Basic Problems of Philosophy (3) Introduction to central philosophical themes, including the mind/body problem, the existence of God, ethical problems, the nature of reality.

PHIL 103 (GH)
Introduction to Ethics (3) Ethical theory about virtue, duty, autonomy, and life quality applied to moral problems, including character, violence, oppression, abortion, and suicide.

PHIL 105 (GH)
Introduction to Philosophy of Law and Legal Ethics (3) Historical and contemporary philosophies of law; concepts of responsibility, property, rights, and justice; and ethical issues in legal practice.

PHIL 233 (GH) (S T S 233)
Ethics and the Design of Technology (3) Ethics and individual and group decision-making in the design of technology including design projects and specific attention to institutional ethics.

PHIL 403
Environmental Ethics (3) Examines ethical theories, justice, rights, community, and human values revolving around such issues as preservation, conservation, pollution, sustainability, and population.

STS 245 (GS;IL)
Globalization, Technology, and Ethics (3) An investigation of technology and ethics in the globalized world from contemporary, socio-cultural, and historical perspectives.