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Penn State Altoona is proud of the many educational, cultural and social opportunities it affords to all central Pennsylvanians, and remains ever grateful to the many generous benefactors who help to make possible the college’s achievements. As an institution of higher learning, Penn State Altoona strives to sponsor outreach programs that inform, enlighten and entertain.

Inaugurated in 2008, the Penn State Altoona Speaker Series features presentations by some of the world’s most fascinating personalities. Proceeds from the Speaker Series events benefit the Penn State Altoona Future Fund, which provides funds for programs that enrich the academic and cultural life on campus and in the community. This fund also enables the administration to offer emergency scholarship assistance to students experiencing a financial crisis. Sponsorships from an array of individuals, businesses and corporations enable Penn State Altoona to direct all proceeds to the Future Fund.

Our Advisory Council of community leaders strives to secure speakers who will express diverse perspectives and inspire people of all ages to consider new viewpoints, to be citizens of the world and to actively support initiatives that strengthen their community.

The Speaker Series significantly enhances the profile of our college by scheduling nationally and internationally known speakers who will attract capacity crowds and media attention and provide lifelong memories of a very special learning experience for those in attendance.

Depending on ticket sales, Speaker Series events are held in our gymnasium, on-campus theatre, downtown center auditorium, or the Convention Center. Prior to each presentation, our practice has been to host a dinner in honor of the speaker and to invite sponsors, alumni and friends. A VIP dessert reception follows the formal presentation. These components have been embraced by the speakers and guests alike.

The Speaker Series and related activities have enabled us to create new bonds and strengthen existing ones. Thanks to the support of our community and local media, the Speaker Series has evolved into one of our most popular outreach programs.