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Men's Basketball Recognized for Sportsmanship With Schoenfeld Award

Men's Basketball Recognized for Sportsmanship With Schoenfeld Award

10/1/2013 — The 2012-2013 Penn State Altoona men’s basketball team was honored for its sportsmanship when it was presented with the Schoenfeld Award on Sunday by the Pittsburgh Area chapter of the College Basketball Officials Association.

The Schoenfeld Award is given annually to a regional college basketball team at the Division I, II, or III levels. It recognizes a collegiate basketball program that possesses, according to the CBOA, “the highest degree of sportsmanship, character, and ethics among their players, coaches and spectators.” The award is the highest honor bestowed annually by the CBOA on any collegiate institution.

“It was an honor to be selected out of so many NCAA Division I, II, and III men’s basketball teams in our region,” said Penn State Altoona head coach Billy Clapper, who accepted the award on behalf of his team at the CBOA preseason meeting at Baldwin High School. “When CBOA official Josh White contacted me, I was very excited for our student-athletes, our basketball program, our athletic department, and Penn State Altoona.”

The recognition is named for Sam Schoenfeld, a former college basketball great who “possessed a great deal of energy, impeccable honesty, and a charismatic personality.” Schoenfeld, one of the CBOA’s founding fathers, espoused integrity and strong character. A brief illness took Schoenfeld’s life in 1956, and as a result, the CBOA decided to memorialize him through an award that would be presented annually to a team that exemplified his principles and characteristics.

“It is a very nice honor for our program to be recognized with the Schoenfeld Award,” said Clapper. “Sportsmanship and character are very important in competition, and they are something that our program strives for each day when we take the court.”

Photo: Members of the 2012-2013 Penn State Altoona men's basketball team pose with the Schoenfeld Award (left to right: Michael Wigfield, Nate Phelps, Jordan Stiles, Mitch Moyer, John Brennan, Jonathan Ross, Joel Redfoot, and Austin Griffith).

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