OT Period Play-by-Play

  City College vs. State College
  Date: 12/29/89 • Site: State College Arena

OT Period Play-by-Play
04:54SCMISSED JUMPER by Charles,TimSC 79 - CC 79Tied
  REBOUND (DEF) by Makali,Jeff
04:45CCTURNOVR by Makali,Jeff
04:45SCSTEAL by Anker,Steve
04:42SCGOOD! LAYUP by Anker,SteveSC 81 - CC 79(SC by 2)
04:33SCFOUL by Parker,Chuck
04:33CCGOOD! FT SHOT by Merser,LarrySC 81 - CC 80(SC by 1)
04:33CCMISSED FT SHOT by Merser,Larry
  REBOUND (DEF) by Andrews,Phil
04:22CCFOUL TECHNCL by the bench
04:22SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Michaels,MarkSC 82 - CC 80(SC by 2)
04:18SCMISSED 3 PTR by Parker,Chuck
  REBOUND (DEF) by Makali,Jeff
03:59CCGOOD! LAYUP by Washington,DerrickSC 82 - CC 82Tied
  ASSIST by Carswell,Lamont
03:45SCMISSED JUMPER by Michaels,Mark
03:45CCBLOCK by Zander,Dave
  REBOUND (DEF) by Zander,Dave
03:22SCSTEAL by Parker,Chuck
03:22CCTURNOVR by Zander,Dave
03:12SCGOOD! DUNK by Davis,PaulSC 84 - CC 82(SC by 2)
  ASSIST by Andrews,Phil
02:56CCMISSED JUMPER by Foster,Ted
  REBOUND (OFF) by Makali,Jeff
02:54CCGOOD! TIP-IN by Makali,JeffSC 84 - CC 84Tied
02:41SCGOOD! 3 PTR by Davis,PaulSC 87 - CC 84(SC by 3)
  ASSIST by Anker,Steve
02:30CCFOUL by Merser,Larry
02:30SCMISSED FT SHOT by Parker,Chuck
  REBOUND (OFF) by Andrews,Phil
02:22SCGOOD! LAYUP by Davis,PaulSC 89 - CC 84(SC by 5)
01:59CCFOUL TECHNCL by the bench
01:59SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Michaels,MarkSC 90 - CC 84(SC by 6)
01:50CCSTEAL by Merser,Larry
01:50SCTURNOVR by Davis,Paul
01:43CCGOOD! 3 PTR by Merser,LarrySC 90 - CC 87(SC by 3)
  ASSIST by Foster,Ted
01:24SCMISSED JUMPER by Anker,Steve
  REBOUND (DEF) by Carswell,Lamont
01:09CCMISSED 3 PTR by Carswell,Lamont
  REBOUND (DEF) by Anker,Steve
00:57CCFOUL by Foster,Ted
00:57SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Davis,PaulSC 91 - CC 87(SC by 4)
00:57SCMISSED FT SHOT by Davis,Paul
  REBOUND (DEF) by Makali,Jeff
00:49CCGOOD! LAYUP by Makali,JeffSC 91 - CC 89(SC by 2)
  ASSIST by Foster,Ted
00:40CCFOUL by Zander,Dave
00:40SCMISSED FT SHOT by Andrews,Phil
  REBOUND (DEF) by Merser,Larry
00:35CCMISSED LAYUP by Merser,Larry
  REBOUND (DEF) by Michaels,Mark
00:28CCFOUL by Merser,Larry
00:28SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Michaels,MarkSC 92 - CC 89(SC by 3)
00:28SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Michaels,MarkSC 93 - CC 89(SC by 4)
00:24CCMISSED 3 PTR by Foster,Ted
  REBOUND (OFF) by Foster,Ted
00:17CCGOOD! 3 PTR by Foster,TedSC 93 - CC 92(SC by 1)
00:11CCFOUL by Makali,Jeff
00:11SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Davis,PaulSC 94 - CC 92(SC by 2)
00:11SCGOOD! FT SHOT by Davis,PaulSC 95 - CC 92(SC by 3)
00:03CCMISSED 3 PTR by Makali,Jeff