Smoking Cessation - Penn State Altoona

Smoking Cessation: Penn State Altoona

College students for the most part are keenly aware of the dangers of smoking. This generation of students has been bombarded with solicitation of tobacco products via television, internet, print, and radio advertisements. Campaigns have been and continue to be designed to get the non tobacco using college students addicted to smoking, chewing, and spitting.

Fortunately, this population is also a product of campaigns such as DARE, the Truth campaign, and the war on big tobacco. In spite of this, college students continue to use tobacco products at an alarming rate.

For students who are ready to quit tobacco or who are contemplating quitting, the Health and Wellness Center is committed to helping you achieve success. This site will provide you with the best resources available.

WE CARE: Penn State Altoona’s Health and Wellness Center, is committed to helping you reject Tobacco! Whether you consider yourself to be a light, intermittent or heavy smoker, we recognize that tobacco addiction is complex and permeates many aspects of your life. Support in overcoming this addiction is essential. When you are ready to quit, we are here for you.

WE UNDERSTAND: Healthcare providers are one of the most important allies that a smoker can have. We understand the power of addiction, the health risks from smoking and we are dedicated to helping you re-learn your life without tobacco.

WE ADVOCATE: Support in overcoming this addiction comes in many forms. The HWC, in partnership with the Blair County Human Services Office, is offering free smoking cessation opportunities to Penn State Altoona students, faculty and staff. Whether meeting individually, or in a group setting, the program goal is to encourage and facilitate lifelong change using a motivational interventional approach. In addition, a health care provider may prescribe the short term use of support aides such as; nicotine replacement products or Chantix, to better achieve the goal of a healthier you.

WE KNOW: A healthy Penn Stater today, is a healthy Penn Stater tomorrow.

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Call the Health and Wellness Center at 814-949-5540 to schedule your free smoking cessation classes. What to Expect (PDF).

Students Only

Schedule on-line with the Health Educator to discuss Chantix.