Summer Learning - Penn State Altoona

Summer Learning

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Penn State Altoona is excited to announce two online courses for summer! Whether you live locally or out of the area, this is a great opportunity to take an online course with an Altoona faculty member, and since these courses are held for twelve weeks, you will have more time to complete the classwork and pursue outside interests! Find out more!

We extend to you an invitation to experience the many benefits that attending Penn State Altoona this summer has to offer.

Are you a high school senior looking to get a jump-start on college before the fall? Or maybe you need a course or two to satisfy a graduation requirement. Looking to take advantage of smaller classes and more personalized attention? Or getting ahead in credits so that your course load is more manageable during the year ahead? You may be seeking to enrich your intellectual and personal experiences. Learning is always in season!

Registration is simple. You need not be admitted to Penn State Altoona to attend during the summer. Our summer students come from all walks of life: entering freshmen, upperclassmen, professionals, and retirees.

It is our mission to ensure that your summer experience at Penn State Altoona is positive and rewarding. We look forward to spending some time with you this summer!

Current Penn State Students: Scheduling for Summer 2014 begins February 4, 2014. You can schedule at any Penn State campus during the summer - no change of campus is required! Just log onto eLion to schedule your courses.