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Integrative Arts, B. A.
Integrative Arts is an interdisciplinary major available to students who desire a curriculum that crosses over traditional single discipline lines. The Integrative Arts student initially establishes an academic plan with the assistance of an approved adviser. The plan must contain a core component of 36 credits and an elective component of 19 credits. The two components combined must clearly illustrate that the plan has clarity, purpose, and cohesion. For the B.A. degree in Integrative Arts, a minimum of 124 credits is required. For additional information please visit

Associate Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences
The objectives of the Letters, Arts, and Sciences major are to broaden the student's understanding, interests, and skills; to help the student become a more responsible, productive member of the family and community; and to offer a degree program with sufficient electives to permit some specialization according to the student's interests or career plans. Letters, Arts, and Sciences is a complete two-year degree major. However, graduates who later seek admission to baccalaureate degree majors may apply baccalaureate credits toward the new degree. For the Associate in Arts degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 60 credits is required. For further information regarding this degree contact Associate Program Coordinator, Jennifer Slusser, at or visit

Dance Studies
The Dance Studies Minor is designed for students interested in furthering their study and exploration of the many areas of dance; the various techniques--Ballet, Modern, Jazz, the Creative Process and Performance, and Movement Theories. It is also designed to enhance various career opportunities for those majoring in areas such as Integrative Arts, Education, Business, Psychology, and others. Optional directions include areas such as dance therapy and dance medicine with graduate study, or performance, teaching, production, studio or company management, and choreography. Twenty-one credits are required for completion of the minor with a minimum of 7 credits at the 400 level. For additional information please visit

University Choir and University Jazz Band
These two music ensembles perform twice a year at the end of each semester. If you are interested in becoming a member or if you have additional questions regarding these opportunities please contact director, Kent Martin, Part-time Lecturer in Music, at 949-5300, ext. 5334 or by email at

Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts
Visit for news and information about cultural events on campus.

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